I hope you will remain safe and healthy at this difficult time. Few dental practices, though any, are not affected by the COVID-19 EPITHINTI, and many are reduced to seeing only emergencies, while some are completely closed. However, the task of running your office is still very untouched. You always have a business to manage, pay bills, contact patients, etc. One of my doctors and I discussed my case and then he asked me for a favor to take a look at a pressure problem he had. I hesitantly suggested talking to the receptionist, and it turned out that it was a problem impression of a patient management tool on Remote Citrix on a local printer. I explained the BAA requirement and the maximum HIPAA penalties that could follow if it allowed me to access it without all that in place, and I explained the amount of responsibility I assume in doing so and the large stack of bills I would charge to assume such liability. Of course, I could see acting as a covered BAA provider for a larger hospital network of doctors, but you will never be profitable with small 5-10 medical practice employees as direct clients. TeamViewer has received HIPAA, HITECH and SOC2 certifications from A-LIGN, a national security and compliance provider in the United States, specializing in helping companies in a wide range of industries cope with the complexity of their specific audit and safety assessment requirements.

I`ve been in this business before, but „MSP“ is a term I had never heard at the time. At the time, it was just „IT consulting“ – basically, I was the computer problem solver and go-to-guy for my small business clients. In general, I was the only computer scientist, even if you had an internal programmer. What is a better expression? On request Sysadmin? The IT maintenance agent? Hell, if I know it. I`ve heard that some of y`all call it „break and fix,“ even though I was trying to get people under contract and be more proactive. HIPAA compliant RAS software provides HIPAA covered companies and their busine employees with a secure way to access systems containing secure health information (ePHI) and simplifies remote access management. ClintRussell makes the best point here. Two-factor authentication may be possible or impossible, but the fact that Teamviewer servers can store (even temporarily) electronic personal health data and have the ability to decrypt that data does not make the process compatible with HIPAA without a signed enterprise agreement. Since then, they`re data centers, a lot of Linux-based virtual machines and a business model that worked very well before, but I wasn`t good at keeping up with the changes in my industry.