Data in a nutshell You have the option to convert one or all of your additional or additional raw data into a data article published in Data in Brief. A data article is a new type of article that ensures that your data is actively verified, assembled, formatted, indexed, evaluated with a DOI and made available to all after publication (see this video that describes the benefits of publishing your data in the shortest documents). You are invited to submit your data article in the letter as an additional article directly next to the revised version of your manuscript. If your research article is accepted, your data article is automatically uploaded to Data in Brief, where it is controlled by the editor, open access published and linked to your research article on ScienceDirect. Please note that open access fees must be paid for publication in Data in the letter. Detailed information can be found on the „Data in the Letter“ website. Please use this template to write your data in the article of the letter. b) In market research, agencies should not solicit potential sources to provide more than the minimum information required. 28. Ensure that all project documents are retained or disposed of after the end of the research activities, as agreed on the basis of the contract or the work agreement with the client.

An important area of performance in secondary research is the complete quote of original sources, usually in the form of a complete list or a list noted with notes. (vi) continuously use commercially available market research methods (where possible) to effectively determine the capabilities of small businesses and new contractors available in the market to meet the Agency`s promotion requirements of 11. Give interviewees clear communication and choice about participating in passive data collection for research purposes from non-public sources or places where the interviewee would not reasonably expect information to be collected. Copyright After an article is adopted, authors are invited to complete a Journal Publishing Agreement (see more information). An email containing a „Journal Publishing Agreement“ form or a link to the online version of the agreement is sent to the author concerned. Informed consent is one of the main ethical considerations of research involving human participants. The Belmont report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines on the Protection of Human Research Subjects describes the purpose of consent as a mechanism for participants to understand the study of research and voluntarily accept participation. A copy of the Belmont report is available on the following website: www.hhs.gov/ohrp/humansubjects. (3) the additional costs of participating in research; 24.

Make sure that the research conducted is the property of the adjudicating entity or the adjudicating entities. At no time can such a search be shared with other companies without the express written permission of the original customer (s). 22. Prior authorization is granted when all or part of the work of a project must be combined or syndicated with work for other clients, or if it is to be entrusted to another organization outside the researcher`s organization. Extend priority assessments to suppliers. A company must use orders ordered with suppliers to obtain items needed to complete an evaluation order.