I am thinking of a level of customer service if someone has been charged only a fee for the coming year and does not plan to continue membership. I do not understand why this tax would not be refundable, except that you want to push the last dollar that you can extort from someone who abandons your services, which is just terrible customer service or a policy. I was told by Jordan on the Wellington site that an exception could not be made, and I was reminded of the political rules. (I certainly remember those rules from 365 days ago). Paid for a year of membership, never worked. It doesn`t matter, because it was my decision not to take advantage of it. BUT, I was charged with an annual fee (for the coming year) before 24h, which I was not called back – only charged! I think we are reminded of everything except when our credit card is debited. I contacted three people (including 2 on holiday) within 24 hours to cancel my membership and see if they can make an exception and refund the annual fee, as I do not plan to continue membership. This club is the worst!!! They continue to collect contributions long after they have terminated their membership and do not offer a solution to this problem. Your best advice is to challenge the charges with my bank. It`s a consumer scam!!! Walsh sent an additional email on Tuesday promising that members who will remain active during the closures will be upgraded until the end of the year to become „elite“ members of their club.

He also said for the first time that members could demand that their subscriptions be frozen by email memberhelp@tsiclubs.com. At least two members said they received the address by email to freeze their accounts and did not receive a response. By the way, I`m sure it`s really sucking for their coaches and their employees right now, so I`m aware of that, but I can`t pay $80 indefinitely for no reason. I know they are asking for $15/mo to freeze membership and probably try to punish you if you resign directly, but since they are closed, I think they should change that policy. They will also offer free online training sessions for members who wish to stay active during the quarantine period and who have proposed to offer upgrades to BSC members as soon as their clubs reopen. Current members may choose to terminate or freeze their affiliations. A few years ago. I couldn`t go to the gym often enough. Contract signed at 39 $US.

They continued to change the fees to 69 $US per month without a new contract. Try to call for the resignation… Told could only do it in writing in the gymnasium. He finally got to the gym three weeks later. I had to pay $10 to quit. I did it more than a month ago. Now I see new fees on my credit card for a monthly fee. I didn`t even feel like I was under contract because I never had a contract at that price. This is an unfair billing practice! Be very careful to sign any membership contract in this gym.

My club was the Wayland gymnasium, but I was told it was a corporate practice for all the gyms.