Abbott asserts that Crampton`s dismissal had nothing to do with their denunciation and that it was a direct reaction to the misjudgment and disy loyalty that, in his August 3 email, encouraged his subordinates to seek employment with a competitor (A.St 47-48, 50). In attempting to characterize this statement as pretextual, Crampton argues that other staff members who have engaged in the same conduct have not been examined or dismissed (A.St. 51-57, C. Add.St.74-83): It refers to Jon Avila („Avila“) who posted vacancy notices on the Internet and shared them with other employees (C. Add.St. in which he identified the contact person concerned (C. Add.St. Here is the text of Swanson`s e-mail (C. Ex. O): Abbott tries to pull one last arrow from her quiver: she finally asserts that she was not obliged to provide the form because Crampton had received one when she signed each option contract (A.Ans.Mem.7). But this arrow is as useless as everyone else, Because the law is different: where the cooperation of one party is necessary to ensure the performance of the other party, there is an implicit contractual condition for such cooperation to be granted (Kipnis, 318 Ill.

App.3d to 505, 251 Ill.Dec. 855, 741 N.E.2d -862 to 1038). And still undersued from Abbott`s latest dispute, Fowler himself testified that because many employees moved the forms, they regularly faxed to former employees who asked for so (C. St. 16). On July 26, Beverly requested a third extension of her PLO until August 22. Beverly stated that he spoke to Luo on July 27 about his intention to return to work to take a vacation at the FMLA. When Luo received the PLO extension request, she contacted the human resources department and spoke with Kevin Mason and Dave McLoughlin about ending Beverly`s hiring instead of asking for the extension. Luo told staff that she was filling the position to tackle the work that had accumulated due to Beverly`s absence and the upcoming implementation of a new system. Luo did not consult with Abbott`s relations group. Mason, the Caucasian business human resources director who is more than forty years old, supported the decision to end the decision that ultimately rested with Luo. Mason understood the facts that indicated that Beverly had no interest in returning to Abbott`s home.

On July 29, Mason and Luo called Beverly to tell her that they refused her request for an extension of the PLO, meaning that her employment ended effective July 31. Luo has expressed the refusal to extend the matrix leave, the saleswoman of the leave, after notifying Beverly. Beverly asked Mason and Luo how to return Abbott`s property to him, including a laptop, tool bag, business cards, ID card and printer. Mason hinted that he could give it back if he had a chance, because he understood that Beverly was not in town. Beverly retains this property until today and claims that he has never received any further response to the restitution of the property. Throughout her time at Abbott, Crampton was an active participant in Abbott Research Quality Assurance, Standard Operating Procedures and Guideline Rewrite Committee, and was known for her knowledge of clinical rules and regulations (C.